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Please Help about name of my frame buggy from mid 80s

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Hello guys & Vintage fans!

I am new here,my name is Klemen and i coming from Slovenia (EU)

Today i found this forum and  i am a huge fan of all vintage things,mostly from 80s

I am a airplane modeler,but now few years i making boats and cars too.

Few days ago i found my first RC car from the mid 80's in the attic ...this my buggy must be old about 35+ years for sure!

At the internet I searched for it but found nothing like this ..Original box is long long time ago lost, the same story is with transmiter..

The car is empty with electronic and even the electric motor.

So asked for yours help about name of brand and name of this buggy if anyone know?

I want to make it back to working wich motor is fitted there?

for electronics I will use what is available today, so a small regulator (ESC) and mini servo for  steering

Here I am attaching pictures of what my car looks like

Thanks a lot for any information and help!!!

Greetings from hot Slovenia !

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  • 20220607_062726.jpg
  • 20220607_062558.jpg
  • 20220607_062356.jpg
  • 20220607_061829.jpg
  • 20220607_062035.jpg


I decided to completely restore this Buggy

i cleaned all the old paint on the rear spoiler and cage

and also yellow/black looked in the original back in the day .... on the front of the cage frame he had a sticker with the number 7

Greetings and see ya soon!


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  • 001.jpg
  • 003.jpg
  • 004.jpg
  • 005.jpg
  • 006.jpg

anybody alive here ????? !!

Hi there, and welcome 🙂 Forum is quiet at times, but people do stop by…

I have actually been trying to think of which brand your car might be. It is definitely obscure and not one of the common ones.

I recall seeing something similar, but need to check through my files to see if I can find the brand.

Does it happen to have made in Taiwan or Korea, written anywhere?

@thesakamura - I think the brand of this might be Presto.

Presto are best known for the Presto Rod Spark, which looks a lot like it copies the Taiyo Jet Fighter.

Note the holes in the bumper like yours. And general appearance of the chassis.

Your model is likely another one by Presto that was perhaps a sister-car to the Rod Spark.

Presto made several ready-to-run grade cars and buggies. Several of them clearly copying other brands like Tamiya and Taiyo.

Never knew they had a product catalogue, so this is amusing.

thank you very much

You are is called bumble bee i remember ,.. and look at number 7 on cage upper 🙂

The rod spark and super cobra they had the same chassis with only different hoods


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  • bumble-bee-2.jpg
  • presto-series-rc.png
  • Radiomodello-Rc-Buggy-Bumble-Bee-Scala-1-14.jpg
  • 20220606_091457.jpg
  • s-l1600-24.jpg

And here is another brand who making this buggys ...very similar ,with very small difference (a little differently shaped cage,spoilers and wheels) its called SPICA  and buggy name Apache

i found another buggy exactly like mine with name Falcon (USA version maybe..i dont know ? )


Uploaded files:
  • Presto-apache.jpg
  • s-l500-1.jpg
  • Nikko-Spica-Prima-Serie-Rc-Buggy-Vintage-1.jpg
  • 286900509_5710277028991543_4187306980923375854_n.jpg
  • 284711905_5710277362324843_6263121909178340166_n.jpg

And btw,all that buggys made very is in very good condition after more like 35 years old  ..and they had pretty good speed and much better like most famous Nikko Turbo Panther

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