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These are my rare pieces, new vintage not assembled.

Anyone who wants can visit my YouTube channel. Hi guys.

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Welcome to all the new people who have been posting here 🙂

@tony1979jessie - love the original kit collecting 🙂 We have a fair bit in common with the ones you've shared.

It was not easy to have all the new models in the box. I searched for them far and wide with great difficulty. Whole nights. Whole days with eyes on the screen . Emails, messages, quarrels with dishonest sellers. Loss of packages. But some of them are now mine. 😋

Yes, I know exactly what you mean 🙂I first started using the web to buy them in 1999. And even before that, in the 1990s I was following newspaper classifieds and trying to track down various RC models that way.

It's been a very long journey, with a huge amount of time and effort.

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Here you can see :

The cat🐱 (meow)

Tokyo marui samurai

Tokyo marui ninja

Nichimo midships 4wds

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R/C Toy Memoriesdawgee82

Hello everyone,

While browsing (as usual) hunting for parts, I came across this interesting webpage and registered myself.

I am Dorwin, I live in France and work in Luxembourg. I have been an RC enthusiast for a long time.
I collect and build RC's from all dimensions, I have built RC trucks as small as 1/87 to as large as 1/5.

Currently, I have a few vintage cars from SG, Mugen Seiki and the very Rare Spital sitting on my shelf.

Some pictures of my cars.
These are just, "some" my most favorite is the Spital Simprop American Jeep, 9that's what it was called' she's celebrating 40 years today.
the rest in the first picture are :
1. Mugen Seiki Mrx3 (Parmalat)- I think the 90's

2. SG Futura - Gilles Villeneuve's Ferrari T4, 1978ish

3. SG Futura ( Untouched and Original JPS Edition)

4. SG Space Europa - 1984-88 Unipart Edition.

For the 4 cars in one picture, only the JPS SG Futura is unrestored because it just needed a little cleaning.


Hope you enjoy my cars.





1/87 RC Converted truck manufacturer Herpha Germany.

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