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@sconner6062 - welcome to the site, and wow - your Missiler looks pretty decent for a childhood runner! They were fairly rugged cars too. One of the very first (maybe the first) ready-to-run 540-powered buggies, being released in 1984. Yonezawa (more famous for their tin toys) were quite ahead of the curve with the Missiler and the Land Dash!

So funny you mention the Zebra Buggy and the Turbo Fox... if I look toward my right as I sit here typing, I have both of those little guys new in the box on my shelf. The Zebra looked nice - pity it wasn't full function.

Great to hear you're starting the journey of collecting the 80s and 90s cars... it's a potentially long and costly journey, but! If you're smart about what you do, quite a lot can be achieved on a budget I believe.

Today I spent the afternoon poring over tiny screws as part of trying to make tiny progress in restoring an AYK Super Trail from 1982... super rare car, super difficult to find parts. And I'm a stickler for original parts where I can afford to be... and I often can't afford to be 😕

Anyway, for anyone not familiar with it, I'm referring to this buggy...

COVID-19 lockdown means I might as well get back into this project 😛


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Hey rob,

Yes, the old missiler was a robust piece of hardware, I'm not sure how many times I thought I had broken it over the years as a kid, only to run up to it expecting the worse, then flipping it over and off it goes, very fast for a stock RTR of it's time I believe, well I can only compare to the zebra buggy and turbo fox! The old zebra buggy thinking of it now was not great, but as a young kid at the time I thought it was the bees knees!

You said you had a land dash, I have never seen one in my life time except on the internet and in the manual for the missiler, always thought they looked very rugged and more suited to off road thrashing!

My dad bought the missiler when I was 2 and kept it until I was old enough to use it(outgrown the turbo fox) which is why I think it isn't completely trashed! I got it out last year and though it was cactus as it was very sporatic and not responding very well, but turns out it was just the battery that was stuffed which is a shame as it is the original yonezawa battery, but also good as the cars electronics are fine:)

It has spent the last 15 - 20 years in it's box which has barely survived countless interstate removals and I'm surprised the foam hasn't busted apart. Contemplating putting it back in the box but really like having it on display in the hobby room! I saw a turbo fox on ebay this week, was very tempted to get it but the price wasn't right! I'm pretty sure mum gave my old zebra buggy and turbo fox to the salvos back in the day, hopefully they are still in circulation somewhere in someone's cupboard and not in the tip!

I can't believe you have a zebra buggy and turbo fox new in box! That is phenomenal, have you ever been tempted to run them, I wouldn't be able to resist it! Well the turbo fox anyway, the zebra buggy, well it would be back in the box after two seconds of WTF forward, turn reverse action.

Car collecting as I see looking at some cars could very well be an expensive process, so it will be a very long journey I think, but as you said, a lot can be achieved on a budget which is how I'm going to have to do it! But no rushing needed when it comes to hobbies.

I really like the look of the super trail, very 80s style buggy! Does that have a aluminum chassis? Good luck with the original parts, I have never even heard of AYK (I'm a noob), they look similar to the kyosho buggies! Very cool!

Anyways, going to start a static model this week, and get into a grasshopper 2 in a few weeks time! Can't wait!

Once again, thanks for the add to the group! Some very cool cars in the mix on the page!

*Edit, a photo of the original battery for anyone who's interested!



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R/C Toy Memories

Oh wow, an original Yonezawa battery... I don't think I even knew they had their own batteries! I know Nikko definitely did.

As for my Zebra and Turbo Fox... I have never run them, no. I remember the Turbo Fox being a very short-lived model at Tandy in Australia (so was the "Royal Fox" - which was the same car, in a different colour/sticker style). Neither of them made much of an appearance at Christmas, and neither appear in any "annual" Tandy catalogue here in Australia (I know because I have all the annual catalogues from 1975 - 1995). But they were kinda rare and interesting buggies to me - economical at around $60 (in 1987 money).

I remember once (in the late 1980s) that a Tandy employee confessed to me that all the unsold RC models and spare parts had been "dumped at a tip" at one point. My Dad and I were very sad to hear that, and quite stunned they would do such a thing. But companies can be so wasteful.

One joy of doing your collecting on a dedicate budget, is you really can find bargains sometimes. I think Radio Shack/Tandy cars do represent a very economical way to enjoy collecting and restoring old pieces, and there's a lot of satisfaction that can be had just by cleaning them up.

Here's a Nikko Black Fox that I found ... a few months ago I figured "this is the worst condition car I own" and decided to clean it up and repair a few parts of it. The result...

I also had a Radio Shack Buggy Special Turbo that had been smashed to pieces... I found it in a dusty bucket at a market in Canberra about 13 years ago, for about $5. The body was shattered.
But with some love... From this...

To this...


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Re: AYK - yeah they were a bit like Kyosho. They were an old Japanese R/C company that began in slot cars, and moved into R/C in the early 1980s. Sadly, the company disappeared in the early 1990s when it's founder died. Many AYK cars are now highly sought after, and the Super Trail was a lot like AYK's rival to the Tamiya Rough Rider. It was their first off-road buggy.

My restoration project on one began last year, when I bought a used/incomplete one. I think it's going to take years to restore it properly! Sidenote: I actually own a new in box example as well, so as least I can tell exactly what is missing (by referring to the kit).

Ah... just the result of so many years of my life dedicated to collecting 🙂

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I've never heard of AYK before. What a beautiful car. Started looking around and found a few for sale, but yikes, steep price on those. Definitely adding them to my list of possible cars to build. The Super Trail is my fav of what I have seen so far, but the Radiant, and especially the Bobcat, are also really nice looking buggies.

Oh, by the way, I am new to RCing. Late 40s. Never got to build any in my youth. Just oogled the Grasshopper and Frog in my local hobby shop back in the 80s. Very sad. Got to drive a Wild Willy once. That is the limit of my experience. Getting into it a bit now with a Boomerang and a Hotshot II. Still haven't driven them though.

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R/C Toy Memories

G'day all. Another one from Australia here. During the lockdown I've been building a collection of my favorite Tyco/Taiyo (Metro!) vehicles.

My Jet Hopper (Turbo Hopper) arrived today from Italy. It's basically as-new, though of course the rubber wheels are losing their spring, getting flat spots.

QUESTION ----> Is there any recommended way to revitalize these tyres, or at least prevent further deterioration?

This is my Tyco Ferrari F-40 9.6V - It's small but FAST, like seriously it will drift like crazy on Turbo mode. This is probably my favorite right now, I was just shocked how cool it was for a vintage RC car. As fun as a Jet Hopper, possibly moreso for indoors.

Video: Shot, just editing now..


Also from Japan, my FAST TRAXX. I mean you can smell the factory "as-new" plastic smell when you open the box. Incredible.

Video on this here:


This is a Tyco Turbo Hopper II that I picked up from eBay, I'd thought someone painted it white when I bought it, but turns out the plastic is white, and they've just taken off the stickers. Strange, I'd not thought they made these white.  Perfect condition.



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R/C Toy Memories

QUESTION ----> Is there any recommended way to revitalize these tyres, or at least prevent further deterioration?

I'm no expert, but I have heard tell that soaking them in glycerin for a few days restores some vitality to them. Tried it myself once and it seemed to soften the tires noticeably.

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Quote from mourfin on September 15, 2021, 8:23 am

QUESTION ----> Is there any recommended way to revitalize these tyres, or at least prevent further deterioration?

I'm no expert, but I have heard tell that soaking them in glycerin for a few days restores some vitality to them. Tried it myself once and it seemed to soften the tires noticeably.

Thank you, I will try that!

Oh, here's a video I did on my Taiyo Fast Traxx, and obsession with Metro / Tyco generally! Got it from Japan, smells factory fresh!

And my Wild Thing which needs some attention




My god...the instant I saw that backflip I remembered that commercial! It all came back in a flash. Crazy.

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