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Introduce yourself...

Hello Vintage R/C enthusiasts!

My name is Luke. Thought I’d make an introduction thread since I didn’t see one in the main section. I’m originally from Sydney but recently moved to London and after my first year and (my first long, dark) winter endured, the sun is out and therefore so is my Hornet!

I bought my NIB vintage Tamiya Hornet after visiting this website nearly six years ago – I built it and in one fell swoop increased the value of vintage Hornets worldwide!! It is now my runner–I use a vintage Futaba Attack FP-T2 which I got from Yahoo Japan around the same time. I’ve added some vintage ball bearings for extra speed, but am now on the lookout for a vintage blue motor.

I’ve since bought a mint NIB Grasshopper that my son will inherit.

Looking forward to the discussion thread.



P.S. Rob please move this thread if you see fit.

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Great idea Luke, thanks for starting this thread - it totally can stay where it is for now 🙂  Loved your other story also, really fantastic.

And as this is not obvious across most of the website, yes everyone - my name is Rob. And I'm somewhat into vintage R/C also 😛

That vintage "Blue motor" you mentioned - I'm guessing that's the Black motor? e.g. Tamiya/Mabuchi Black Motor Sprint, or Black Motor Endurance.

That vintage "Blue motor" you mentioned - I'm guessing that's the Black motor? e.g. Tamiya/Mabuchi Black Motor Sprint, or Black Motor Endurance.

Yes, Black Sprint and Black Endurance. Not sure why I wrote blue!

And yes I hoped it would be ok to use your real name!

Glad you're back in action, I always look forward to your articles!

Keep up the good work. 🙂


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R/C Toy Memories

Hi all. I am the newbie on the site. Whilst I know heaps about that other icon of the 80's the Sony Walkman I don't have much knowledge of RC models. In fact my experience is restricted to the original Taiyo Jet Hopper which I have recently found in the bottom garage thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown I have been sorting through. As I picked it up I noticed flat spots in the tyers and thought how about that. Just like the old Merc SLC 450 that sat there awaiting restoration for so long the tyers had flat spots in them. So I thought simple fix here but alas that is not the case. One of the rear tyers fell to pieces but undeterred I reached for the tube of American rubber glue and patched it  back together. Cosmetically it's not great but the car ran and everything works as it should. Amazing the fun I had with this buggy tearing around the school basketball court with my kids chasing after it and jumping over it as it raced up towards them. They're both 30 somethings now but both remember those days fondly.

I would love to get some new tyers for it but having checked heaps of model shops there is nothing with OD 60mm and ID 25mm. Hoping for some guidance here from fellow members. Could even trade a Walkman for a set of the correct size boots.



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I am Raul from Spain and I am a fan of classic RC cars (toy and hobby grade).
I am not a collector but I have about 40 RC cars from the 80s and early 90s of the brands Nikko, Taiyo, Tyco or Tamiya, Kyosho, Marui, ..
By my job as an electronics engineer I have enough knowledge to repair them.

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R/C Toy Memories

Welcome Briand, and Raul 🙂  Nice to see some posts appearing here.

Apologies for not updating the website more often lately - but I did post on the weekend, at long last.

@briand - tyres are super hard to find for the Jet Hopper. They were sold as spares, and I have a few left in my stash, but have to keep them for my own occasional restorations. They do come up now and then, but it might be quicker to find another old Hopper with serviceable tyres.

@korreka - cool to hear that you have the skills to restore the cars, as the old circuit boards always bamboozle me. But I can restore just about everything else about the. Also - having a collection of about 40 cars does make you a collector I think 😉 Nice work getting so many together.

I've been meaning for ages to write an article about the Taiyo Jet Racer 4WD or the Taiyo Jet Fighter... these are long overdue, for some coverage on the website.


This is Vik from the Verona, NJ US.  I have always been a fan of Tamiyas.  My first car was a Blackfoot back in the late 80s given to me by a friend.   I started restoring RCs a few years ago upon finding the above BF in my parent's garage.    While I used to run mine all the time, now I just like restoring them and looking at them on the shelf.   Below is a list of what I've built recently.  Many of these were built during lock down.  I love this hobby and am hoping its continues on for a long time:

Blackfoot (rebuilt with re-re parts)

Vintage Hotshot (MK2).  this was inspired by the first article I ever read on this site.

Vintage Boomerang

Vintage Frog with new body/decals

Vintage Wild Willy

Super Hotshot

Hot Shot II (built with found parts, though missing the elusive D-parts)

Grasshopper (re-re bought for my son a few years ago)


Vintage Fox with new body and wheels

I also have a few recent Traxxas cars that my kids and I run (can't ruin these resto's)

Looking forward to reading stories and articles.



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Welcome Vik! It's an awesome collection you have there... and I'm a lot like you, the restoring and shelving is as much (or more) fun than the driving/racing 😀

Hello All,

I am new to the forum, as you all know.

I live in Sydney NSW Australia and found this site when looking for information on the vintage HotShot by Tamiya.

I was lucky enough, as a boy, to own an original HotShot. Unfortunately this vehicle is long gone.

I visited a hobby shop recently to get a party for an old Hornet, which caught on fire after being in storage for around 16-17 years. Pity I cannot include this vehicle in the vintage discussion yet. Maybe in a few years. When in the store, I saw the re-release of the HotShot. I just had to have it. I left the shop with my newly acquired kit and went home to start assembling it.

During the assembly, some fond memories came back, most around what parts I had broken on my original HotShot. I did notice a few changes to the vehicle and went on a research mission to see the difference. Well as you all know, there have been significate improvements with regards to Radio Tech and speed controllers. Yes this new unit has these improvements; however, it is set-up with, I believe is a 540 motor, similar to the original.

I noted the drive arms to be different, the loss of the heat sinks and the associated stickers, warning of them being hot. A few of the stickers have changed, but it was good to see the coat of arms had not been lost. The new kit failed to give the black balloon for the motor. Do they think the dust and dirt won't get in the motor now? Who knows.

Wait... This is meant to be an intro of me.

As you can see I can be a little impulsive, I have been in and out of the RC scene since I was small. Basically I am not an expert racer, maybe a want to be racer.

I am always keen to meet up and am looking forward to making some new friends with similar interests.

When I find a photo of my original RC Cars I will upload them.


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Hi all,

Thanks for letting me join the club!

I am from Adelaide, Australia, I have always enjoyed RC cars from since I was a kid, it started with a Tandy zebra buggy which I though was cool at the time but then I upgraded to a Tandy turbo fox(awesome) and then I was lucky enough to get a yonezawa missiler and still have that same car to this day! Still runs perfectly and all original! Has a few scuffs and scratches from being bashed over the years but I love it!

I have a HSP missiler and a WL toys basher which are good fun but no where near as cool as the older style cars!

I have started to collect repro Tamiya cars as a hobby as I need something to do to kill some spare time during this covid crap!  Currently doing the grasshopper and have a grasshopper 2 black edition waiting for some love, was hoping to get a hornet but seems they are a hot commodity and in limited stocks !

Started looking at older second hand cars to collect(if the price is right) as I really like the 80s and 90s era buggy's!

Haven't acquired anything yet as funds for hobbies have dried up a bit due to adult stuff getting in the way!

Really looking forward to being a part of this page and seeing some good posts!


Thankyou very much for the add

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