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Help me find informations about the Radio Shack Power Master

Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum, but I'm counting on you guys to help me with this one. I have a vintage Radio Shack monster truck called Power Master. It was bought by my parents sometime around early 90's. I have found two models (RAGE and Night Runner, both Radio Shack's) which are very similar, but have their little differences, and none of them are the true Power Master. I can't find any information about this car online. I already searched for it through the Radio Shack 80's and 90's catalogue, made a post on Reddit, Twitter, you name it! My only (and best) hopes lies here. Please, help me find the Power Master!

That's all the information I have:

It's Radio Shack's;
It was made sometime between 90's and early 2000's;
There was a sticker on the bottom, but it has been lost for years now. I believe the serial number was in there.

Here's the Power Master:

Thank you in advance!

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R/C Toy Memories

Hey @kenubinin - welcome to the site 🙂

As for your Radio Shack Power Master - definitely one I am not that familiar with. I see it takes the 7.2v battery pack though - it's a little bit like my Radio Shack Wild Horse, which was manufactured by Nikko (see here).

One way to help identify the genetic (brand) origin of a model is to see it's transmitter. Do you still have that? The transmitters of many cars often used the same molds and therefore, are a handy way to connect a lot of old ready-to-run R/C cars as being made by the same manufacturer.


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Hello @rctoymemories thank you for your answer!

So, it uses a 9.6v battery pack, which I don't know if its a pattern used by the company or if its only for this model. The thing is I don't know if the Power Master was made by Nikki, but this is my best lead right now.

Unfortunately, I don't have the transmitters anymore, I lost it years ago, but it was the same you can see here:

(except from the sticker, it was written "power master")

I really don't know how to proceed with this search. Maybe it was a limited edition, or a bootleg model perhaps? Nonetheless, thank you for your response!

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R/C Toy Memories

That's definitely a Nikko transmitter on the Black Phantom II pictured, hence that car was manufactured by Nikko. The same transmitter as also used by the Golden Arrow, which was also manufactured by Nikko (but exclusively for Radio Shack)...

Tandy/Radio Shack Golden Arrow Buggy (1987)

In most cases when Radio Shack sold Nikko models, they were either "custom made for Radio Shack", or they were existing Nikko models that were rebranded "Radio Shack" and given different names.

Searching the web for "Nikko Power Master" turns up nothing for me, so I'm thinking it had another name under Nikko branding.  😉
I did some more searching, and at this point I think the car dates from the mid-1990s - as those transmitters were phased out by the later 1990s.

So far, no luck spotting a Nikko-branded version of it - but there is probably one out there.