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Can anyone help with this repair? Motor drives as soon as turned on (Solved: Very simple!)

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Yep, can totally understand that. Being a geek like myself, in my generation perhaps, it's sadly impossible to avoid Chinese made products. Let's hope more production moves to Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, etc. Certainly it's possible, with most of the Taiyo stuff made in Singapore and Malaysia.


That is....Hardcore.  Few people have convictions that strong any more!  You have to respect that, and I do.  A few less Chinese RC toys aren't worth your integrity.

That said, thanks a LOT- Now I feel like a total knob!  Chris  REC



Yeah, and like I say, no offense intended. We all make our own choices with our purchase power 🙂

"ethics" is a broad term of course. But while it could mean many things... I draw the line at sending my money to dystopian dictatorships that are a genuine threat to the free world. Nothing against the Chinese people themselves, I have Chinese friends. Only governments seeking to spread their one-party ideology around the world. And who only have power in the first place, thanks to Western purchases of their cheap products.

None of the major purchases I have made in the last 5yrs  - car (Japan), furniture (Australia), renovations (Australia), toys (as mentioned), appliances (Germany/Spain/UK)... are made in China. It hasn't always been easy, but it is achievable. While some electronic components within these items are probably made in China, the majority of my spending isn't going there.

Even the Panasonic "Eneloop" AA rechargeable batteries I buy for my cars, have to be the made-in-Japan ones, else I won't buy them 😄

Agreed that manufacturing is moving away from China in some instances - look at Hot Wheels and Matchbox, they're all made in Thailand. Which is at least semi-Democratic. And we are very lucky to still have Tamiya. Still chaired by Shunsaku Tamiya in his 80s, still a private family company, still primarily making many things in Shizuoka, Japan. Still largely the same company is has been - for decades.

Practically all of the other historic R/C brands (both toy and hobby grade) are either a) defunct, or b) owned by Chinese companies. I'm not aware of a single R/C car you could buy now, outside of a Tamiya or Kyosho, that isn't made in mainland China. But happy to hear, if anyone knows any.

Anyway, sorry to hijack the thread with a personal view!

Ah, the hijack ship sailed halfway down Page 1.  😝  Turns out, 1 of the Mini Buggies I posted about was made in Hong Kong, so that's a nice surprise.

I don't take offense, I'm not a New Millennium Psuedo-Male that's just looking for something to take offense to- Plenty of real things to get PO'd about these days without seeking more!  When you hear terms like snowflake, micro-aggression, cultural appropriation, cry closet, cis gender, cancel culture, personal pronouns, trigger warnings, etc. beware!  It means you're dealing with someone just itching to show how morally superior (And by extension faultless) they are.  Screw political correctness.  For all the crap people have done in the last 20 years to make things more 'Inclusive',  I don't see anything getting better- Just more people coming up with more things to divide themselves.  Where you buy your RC cars and appliances sure doesn't bother me!  Chris, dinosaur and all-around bad person 😉

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