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Buying Vintage Tamiya - HotShot

I have been looking for an original Tamiya HotShot so as to compare not only the difference in the re-release version, but also to run them side by side to see if the few technological changes have made a difference to the vehicle itself.

I know the stickers have changed, but these do not change how a vehicle runs.

I have seen and noted that the drive arms have changed, not sure if there is a weight or structural improvement as a result of the change.

Also the speed controller electrics are different. I am a fan of the old school speed controllers as the electronic controllers available when I was a kid were expensive and could not take the knocks and bumps the off road buggies through at them.

The oil and grease from Tamiya look similar in packaging however, when opened are quire different. I remember the grease being light yellow/brown coloured, when coming out of the tube. The new stuff is white. I cannot remember the colour of the damper oil. it is possibly the same. Can anyone confirm?

Now I have seen a fellow selling, what he claims is an original Hotshot and a second non-complete car and a box of accessories. It comes with the old school radio and a non-original speed controller, but one with is possibly period correct. The condition of the vehicle/s is not great, cracked/damaged bodies, looks like it was from a heavily used racer in the day or not looked after all that well.  I am not sure if it is worth what he is asking, but I am interested in possibly restoring at least one of the cars back to its former glory. What would you Pay ?


Do you know of anyone with an original in good condition, only needing a little restoration, willing to part with it for a reasonable price.

Love to hear your thoughts.


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Hi @way2go - did you ever end up getting a Hotshot? Have been away for a while, but happy to answer some of your questions if you still need answers.