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Buyer beware: "redstarrobot_vintage_toys" on eBay

Over the years, I've considered blogging about this seller. (a bit like another one I wrote about years ago).

But I'll just a post a message here, as a warning to other collectors...


This seller has been buying up everything he can on Yahoo! Japan, for years, and reselling it on eBay. And whilst there's nothing especially wrong with that... (provided he physically owns the goods first, and is not simply re-listing Yahoo ads directly on eBay before they even sell... as some scammers do), what bothers me about this eBay seller are two things:

1}  They don't care about vintage R/C models, or what they are selling. I can tell because all the listings are frequently muddled with incorrect information and just generally, bullshit.

Example - what has a Nikko Super Fox got to do with Transformers?


Example - "MIB" = Mint in Box? If so, how it is also "Pre-owned and played with"?


I also love the all-caps "SOLD AS IS" - the classic line that says "I couldn't be bothered to check it, but give me your money anyway!"


2}  Every listing for every R/C car (and in fact, every item in the store?) has a "discount" where the original price is crossed-out, and then a cheaper price is shown. 100% of these discounts are lies.


He's been doing this for years, and it's just plain disingenuous and fake. The fact is... He will have paid under $100 for each and every car listed. So every listing is a huge markup, regardless of the "discount".

And what has he done to actually earn the markup? Cleaned and tested the cars? Nope. Nothing is cleaned. He does claim to have tested them. But this is highly dubious given his dings from buyers who later find out the toy doesn't work properly...


As you can see, he answers complaints and tries to resolve things. But here's my fundamental point...

Selling vintage R/C cars cannot and should not be run like a "hustle" business. Vintage R/C cars are often fragile, not working, and can be vastly variable in condition. They usually (even when unused) require some sort of restoration - such as cleaning the aged grease inside transmitter contacts.

Selling them requires the seller to care about the hobby. I can even see from his listings, that he probably started out selling other Japanese toys. Then branched into RC after finding R/C Toy Memories. And then started copying my old eBay listings (all the bullet info about year, scale, maker etc etc). My listings went into a lot of detail. And while I don't sell anymore, all my "Sold" cars (which I have left visible here) can still be seen to carry the same level of description I used on eBay (I simply used to list my items for sale both here, and on eBay)

But when I used to sell, every single vintage R/C car underwent the following:

  • A complete clean (often including some disassembly)
  • Restoration (where necessary)
  • A complete test (indoors on a clean surface) lasting 20 mins or more.

I have no doubt that "redstarrobot_vintage_toys" thought "I can start a business like that, with less effort!"  and has been scamming buyers ever since with his fake "discounts".

So anyway, rant over 🙂 Avoid sellers like this if you can. Much better off buying from random private sellers, than from those trying to "flip" vintage R/C cars without even checking them properly.

How odd!  Just a couple of nights ago, I spent a good 2 hours looking at his offerings on Ebay.  I did notice his 'As Is' & the pics looked....Well, I can't see not at least dusting something off.  I also saw one description that I THINK was his, that said he cleaned a car & put 'plastic protector' on it (?)   That really made me wonder.  Thanks for tip, just in case I wanted to gamble on something there!

Not fundamentally different than the hobby-shop owner you posted about a couple days ago:  Is EVERYTHING going to Hell any more?  Seems if there's a buck to be made, the purity goes out of (Fill in the blank) & people can't even maintain a thin veneer of...Anything decent, really.  I've always been sad at how often a desirable item ends up in the hands of a complete doorknob & then I'm forced to deal with them, as I suffer fools badly. It  takes a lot of the fun, purity and sense of a good deal out of it.  Cheers for the Head's-Up Mate, you do all the members a service.  Chris  REC