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Adam Savage on hobbies

Does anyone watch Adam Savage's "Tested" Youtube channel?

Adam (from Mythbusters) is endlessly inspiring, and even though it's not that R/C related, his sheer passion for hobbies and making things (and sometimes toys) can be pretty inspiring. And the stuff he makes in his workshop, is incredible. His enthusiasm and interest in science and hobbies and the world, seem boundless.

Recently, in one of his Q&A videos he talked about what his mission in life is. And it should give heart to anyone who has a hobby - no matter what the hobby is.

I've transcribed here, or you can watch it below (video starts at the correct moment)...

"If I have a mission in life, a project, it is to be a permission slip to follow that proclivity down the path... to follow that thing that you can't stop thinking about down the path to implementation and execution.

And because I have experienced, like... so much good exists in my life because I have done that. And I want other people to share the same joy of that feeling. So. I state this a lot, my hobbies are useless! Nobody needs more replicas of movie props in the world. Nobody except for me! <laughs>

Well, sure there are lots of other people that do this. But it's like, I'm not a "first responder", I'm not a politician. I'm not making the world a substantively better place by making these things here in the cave. But telling stories about them... I like to think I am contributing to a cultural discourse that gives validity to the fact that all of our hobbies are weird. They're all weird! Fishing is indefensible once you scratch the surface, "Really, you're gonna go out and cast a thing and catch a fish?"... what's the point of that? There are so many better ways to eat than do that. But, when you indulge in those hobbies, there's all this other important stuff that goes on. It's all this important meditation and quietude and re-calibration, face yourself. Anybody who has any hobby has had to face themselves. All of that is what I hope people take away from this.

That thing you want to do. Whether it's making sweaters or houses. Or music or poems. Do it! Do it. If I can help you get the impetus to do it, nothing would make me happier."

Adam Savage

If he's not talking about hobbies when you play below, you can jump ahead to the 3:00 minute mark.


And with that said, Adam's "Tested" website does have a review of the Kyosho Optima remake, done by another reviewer. So hobbies like R/C are certainly within his sphere. Check it out here -

And Adam does have some R/C stuff in his cave (I keep hoping he might build a car kit one day), along with lots of plastic kits and things from his model-building days on movie productions.

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