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30.000Mhz transmitter

Hi. Looking for a 30.000Mhz controller for a vintage Taiyo 4WD buggy. Does anybody have one that want to sell or know where I might get one?




Classic Taiyo cars worked in  27Mhz in Europe or Japan (later 40Mhz) or 49Mhz in the USA / Canada.
I do not know of any classic toy in the 30Mhz band.     There are 30Mhz crystals as spare components on ebay or aliexpress.

You could look for the Taiyo 27MHz Transmitter for that Taiyo car and change the frequency crystal for another 30MHz (it needs to be desoldered and soldered). In addition you would have to adjust the inductor to achieve the maximum range.

In the car you would have to adjust the inductor to the correct frequency and perhaps, the range is less because there are other components to change. This can be done by people with electronic knowledge and appropriate tools (oscilloscope). You can damage the electronics of the transmitter or car.


PD: The pictures are for example and would be similar to your car but they are not the same.