Find A Vintage R/C Car

Taiyo LamborghiniSome old toys are almost impossible to find. Sometimes it can take years to find them.

Would you like to find a vintage R/C car you used to have, or always wanted?

If it’s something quite rare, and you can’t find it, feel free to contact me (below).

I can’t promise anything. But I’ve been collecting for over 25 years, and you never know – I might already have what you’re after, or be able to find it via other collectors and contacts. I’ll note down your name and what you’re looking for, and contact you if I have any luck. I always try to keep my prices reasonable. But you’re not obligated to buy what I find. Worst case scenario is that I have your email address, in case I spot your item one day.

So let me know what you’re looking for (below).
Please note:
1. Your email address will never be shared. And I will only contact you in relation to your request.
2. This service is limited to vintage (pre-1995) R/C items.
3. Please include the name of what you are trying to find. If you don’t know the name, please describe the item in as much detail as you can.

Notes from lucky customers…

Sometimes there are successes and I am able to fulfill orders for people. Click here to visit my FAQ page and read some customer testimonials.