Dear eBay sellers…

If you’re selling something on eBay, and thinking of copying the photos and text from this website to use in your auction – please don’t. Your eBay listing will be removed.


Reason 1: eBay prohibits the copying of photos and text for use in eBay listings

Copying photos and text from other auctions or websites, to sell your item, is against eBay policy. eBay will cancel your auction(s) and you may even be punished. Read eBay’s Policy on Item Description and Picture Theft.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Listing cancellation
  • Loss of eBay fees
  • Limits placed on account privileges
  • Loss of PowerSeller status
  • Account suspension

Reason 2: You will receive negative feedback from buyers

If you’re selling a vintage R/C car but you’re using my photos and text to describe it, then it follows that your buyer will expect to receive my car, right? Not your car.

When the buyer doesn’t receive exactly what was shown in the photos and described in the text, you will probably receive negative feedback from the buyer.

Reason 3: Common Sense

R/C Toy Memories is 100% free to read, and is a labour of love. The site is privately run, and ad-free. And it will always be free.

If you enjoy this site, please support it by simply respecting the content. When people copy my photos and articles into eBay ads, they are effectively using my work (which is free) to help turn a profit for themselves. That’s not fair.

I check eBay myself daily. I have so many saved searches that I usually spot stolen content within hours. And I have eBay customer support on speed dial. You have been warned 🙂

Save yourself some time. Take your own photos and write your own description of what you’re selling.
And if you need a little help, feel free to even contact me for some extra info about what you’re selling.


  1. My son recently found an older Transformer toy and since he loves the show, wanted to send you a few pictures. He would love any information you could share with him. Thank you!

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