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Common questions I am asked are:
"I'm missing the transmitter for my vintage R/C car. Where can I find it?"eBay is your only option for this. I cannot help you find a specific transmitter. My advice is to set up "saved searches" on eBay for your car (e.g. the brand name + the word "transmitter" or "remote") and then wait. When any new listings match your search, eBay will email you. This will save you checking the site manually. It may take months or years for your transmitter to appear, but at least you won't miss out if it does.
"My vintage R/C car won't work. What can I do?"Ensure your batteries are brand new. Ensure the battery terminals are completely clean, not corroded. If your car comes to life but it behaves erratically, try carefully disassembling the transmitter and use a cloth to ensure that all moving contact points beneath the levers, are nice and clean. Ensure there are no detached wires. Those are the basic, first things to check.

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