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No Season 4 of “Toy Hunter”?

Jordan Hembrough from Toy Hunter

Jordan Hembrough from Toy HunterThe popular vintage toy based TV show “Toy Hunter”, hosted by Jordan Hembrough, is apparently now on indefinite “hiatus”, and is unlikely to return.

Will we ever see another vintage toy show like it?

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Lego: Silly modern faces, cool retro sets

Lego Ghostbusters

Lego GhostbustersIs it just me, or are Lego mini figure faces ridiculous these days? Gone from Lego sets are the normal, happy faces I knew in the 80s. Now it’s all “expressions” – excitement, fear and even anger.

On the positive side, the Lego brand is still very popular. And in fact, Lego still releases many retro-themed sets that suggest a large percentage of their buyers are fans of the 1980s. So let’s look at what Lego is up to…

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Photos of Hobby Shops in the 1980s

Model Engines Hobby Shop, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia in 1987

Horizon advertisement, USA, 1989Remember the days of the local Hobby Shop?

Not only are there far fewer hobby shops around now, but it’s actually quite difficult to find photos of hobby shops from their heyday in the 1980s – or earlier. Nevertheless, here’s a selection that is sure to make you wish you could travel back in time.

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