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Kyosho Scorpion (1982)

Kyosho Scorpion

Kyosho ScorpionThe original Kyosho Scorpion was both a beautiful kit-based off-road 2WD R/C buggy based on a real-life vehicle, and a milestone in R/C racing.

Today, it’s a highly collectible and historically significant vintage R/C kit.

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Tandy/Radio Shack Wild Horse (1989)

Tandy / Radio Shack Wild Horse

Tandy / Radio Shack Wild HorseThis huge, high-rise monster-rig manufactured by Nikko was about the biggest R/C toy I’d seen in the late 1980s. And it became something of an obsession for me one winter when, as a 12 year old, my local Tandy store had one left – heavily discounted in the months after Christmas.

Would I be able to convince my parents to buy it? Or would a spoiled kid I knew from school, snatch it away at the last minute?…

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