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Nikko Toyota HiLux 4WD (1982)

Nikko Toyota HiLux 4WD

Nikko Toyota HiLux 4WDThe astonishing 1/10 scale Toyota HiLux 4WD by Nikko in 1982, was the pinnacle of Nikko’s range of R/C toys in the early 1980s. Large, realistic, and with a gearbox you could shift via the transmitter…this was a ready-to-run R/C model like nothing before it.

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Kmart Moto-cross Racing Bicycles (1980)

Kmart Moto-Cross Racing Bicycles

Kmart Moto-Cross Racing BicyclesA perpetual motion racing ‘game’ made by Japanese toy geniuses Tomy, in which little bicycles race around a track forever. There used to be lots of these motorized track games in the 70s and 80s – perhaps you had something similar?

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Taiyo Jet Hopper (1986)

Taiyo Jet Hopper Mk 1

Taiyo Jet HopperThe original Taiyo Jet Hopper from Japan was a game-changing ready-to-run R/C toy that sold worldwide, and in the millions. It was a huge hit for Taiyo, and was possibly the most popular R/C car of the 1980s across both toy and hobby grade models.

There were also several changes to this popular buggy over the years, as Taiyo tweaked the suspension, tyres, decals and even the speed. Let’s go back to where it all began and take a look at the Taiyo Jet Hopper “Mk1” from Japan.

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Nikko Black Fox (1985)

Nikko Black Fox

Nikko Black FoxPerhaps the first toy R/C buggy to ever feature a transmitter lever with “Turbo” power?

The Nikko Black Fox was a popular 2WD off-roader, and one of the first of it’s kind to mimic the larger, kit buggies in ready-to-run form.

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