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Nikko Mercedes Rally Unimog 4WD (1983)

Nikko Mercedes 4WD Unimog

Nikko Mercedes Rally Unimog 4WDManufactured by Nikko, this perfect scale replica of the famous off-road Mercedes Unimog 4WD truck is one of the nicest looking R/C models ever produced. Today it is highly sought-after by Paris-Dakar fans, Unimog fans and scale R/C fans.

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Taiyo Fast Traxx (1990)

Taiyo Fast Traxx

Taiyo Fast TraxxAs the 1990s began, Japanese toy manufacturer Taiyo was in the middle of a winning streak. And their latest sensation – the rubber tracked ‘Fast Traxx’ would go on to become one of their biggest hits.

Who knew that a toy with tank tracks could move so damn…fast?

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