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Tandy / Radio Shack Robie Junior (1987)

Tandy / Radio Shack Robie Junior

Tandy / Radio Shack Robie JuniorThe 1980s wasn’t just an era of R/C cars, but an era of cool (and expensive) new R/C toys of all kinds. And one of the most alluring was the notion of having your own personal robot assistant to run around the house, ferrying drinks, impressing your friends and confusing your pets.

Did you have a Robie Junior?

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"Go For It" logo - taken from the decals of the classic Tamiya Super Champ R/C buggy, released in 1982Just a very short message to say: Thank you, everyone, for visiting this little site. R/C Toy Memories has now reached 100,000 views. And visitors have stopped by to read my ramblings, from all corners of the Earth!

It’s been a lot of fun writing, sharing stories, and reading your own toy experiences and memories. I plan to continue doing this for a long, long time, and have hundreds more toys and topics to write about. So here’s hoping you’ll continue to drop by, and share the fun and nostalgia 🙂

“Classic Toys” lists that ignore R/C toys

100 Classic Toys

100 Greatest ToysEver read a book or news article, or watched a TV special about “Classic Toys”? If you have, chances are it mentioned famous names like Lego, Cabbage Patch Kids, The Slinky, Meccano, Scalextric, Transformers and so on… but made no mention of Tamiya, Tyco, Nikko, or R/C toys at all for that matter. Why aren’t they included?

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Tamiya Plastic Model Co. – back in the 1980s

Tamiya Operations

Tamiya OperationsDuring the 1980s, the great Tamiya Plastic Model Company’s colourful annual product catalogues pretty much left everyone in the West desperate to own their products. It was truly a golden era for Tamiya.

Thanks to a little-known book from 1990 called “Tamiya Operations”, here are a few additional, rarely-seen images of Tamiya’s R/C toy production during that time. Plus a short video documentary.

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