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Tandy / Radio Shack Wild Champ (1987)

Tandy/Radio Shack Wild Champ

Tandy/Radio Shack Wild ChampAn affordably priced little buggy with roll-cagey looks and big balloony tyres for loads of fun in the dunes. The Tandy / Radio Shack Wild Champ is well remembered.

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Teddy Ruxpin and Jet Hopper – the hot toys for Christmas 1986

Metro Jet Hopper

Metro Jet HopperJust for fun, here are two old Australian TV commercials in which the Metro/Taiyo Jet Hopper R/C buggy is shown as one of the hot toys for Christmas. The ads are for the Australian department store Myer and the Australian K-Mart supermarket chain, and both date from Christmas 1986.

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