Robby Gordon Traxxas Hummer

Robby Gordon’s R/C Hummer at the Dakar

Robby Gordon Traxxas HummerThe Dakar Rally is currently underway for another year, and Robby Gordon’s famous racing Hummer has recently been miniaturized by R/C model company Traxxas, as a 1/10 scale truck. Here’s a quick clip of Robby messing around with the model, during the race…

So as mentioned before, I’m a huge Dakar fan.

I also love it when drivers of real race cars mess about with R/C models. Ayrton Senna did it, Lewis Hamilton does it – somehow model car collecting feels more validated, when it gets the approval of the millionaire professionals drivers!

So I couldn’t resist sharing this quick clip of Robby Gordon, who has been campaigning in the race for many years with a Hummer, running the new Traxxas 1/10 scale Hummer R/C model – while actually attending this year’s Dakar! He was chilling out after a poor start to the race, and the local kids in Peru were pretty amused by the mini Hummer…

It’s official name is the “Traxxas Robby Gordon Edition Dakar Slash”, which makes little sense really (until you’re aware that Traxxas have an existing line of R/C trucks called “Slash”). To any newcomer, this model is simply going to be a “Robby Gordon Dakar Hummer”.

I’ve not been a huge Traxxas fan in the past, but I think this is actually a decent looking model with some nice realism. It’s lightweight chassis gives the impression that it will even run similar to the full-size (and also lightweight) modified Hummer design that Robby Gordon runs.

Traxxas even sponsor Robby I think, and for more info you can check the model out here on the Traxxas website.

Robby had a disastrous first stage a couple of days ago. And while some find him a divisive personality, I think it’s great when the Dakar competitors are as eclectic and colourful as their machines. So here’s hoping for plenty of close racing this year!

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