16 Classic Vintage R/C Tyres

TamiyaSandScorcherTyre2One of the most appealing parts of any model R/C car, are the tyres. And vintage R/C cars have some pretty interesting and unusual ones.

Let’s look at a selection of classic 1980s R/C tyres, back when the hobby was still young and free and the cars were designed to look realistic, fun and exciting.

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Nikko Toyota HiLux 4WD (1982)

Nikko Toyota HiLux 4WDThe astonishing 1/10 scale Toyota HiLux 4WD by Nikko in 1982, was the pinnacle of Nikko’s range of R/C toys in the early 1980s. Large, realistic, and with a gearbox you could shift via the transmitter…this was a ready-to-run R/C model like nothing before it.

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Kmart Moto-cross Racing Bicycles (1980)

Kmart Moto-Cross Racing BicyclesA perpetual motion racing ‘game’ made by Japanese toy geniuses Tomy, in which little bicycles race around a track forever. There used to be lots of these motorized track games in the 70s and 80s – perhaps you had something similar?

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Taiyo Jet Hopper (1986)

Taiyo Jet HopperDid you know that the original Taiyo Jet Hopper was different to later Jet Hoppers and also different to the Tyco/Taiyo Turbo Hopper?

There were several changes to this buggy over the years. So I thought it would be worthwhile to show what an original Taiyo Jet Hopper Mk1 looks like – and to talk a little bit about how the model changed during its production run.

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Nikko Black Fox (1985)

Nikko Black FoxPerhaps the first toy R/C buggy to ever feature a transmitter lever with “Turbo” power?

The Nikko Black Fox was a popular 2WD off-roader, and one of the first of it’s kind to mimic the larger, kit buggies in ready-to-run form.

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Shinsei Mountain Man (1980)

Shinsei Mountain ManThis early, high quality R/C Chevy Blazer 4WD was a big hit in countries like the USA and the UK, and many remember it as their first R/C car. Some are willing to pay top dollar just to get their hands on one today, and with good reason – the Shinsei Mountain Man was one of the most beautiful and rugged R/C 4×4 toys of the 1980s.

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Nikko/Technotoy Paris-Dakar Rally Mercedes Unimog (1983)

Nikko Paris Dakar Mercedes UnimogManufactured by Nikko, this perfect scale replica of the famous off-road Mercedes Unimog 4WD truck is one of the nicest looking R/C models ever produced. Today it is highly sought-after by Paris-Dakar fans, Unimog fans and scale R/C fans.

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